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12 Angry Men is a classic film that depicts the deliberation process of a jury as they decide the fate of a young man accused of murder. The film provides a rich portrayal of social psychology, as it demonstrates the ways in which group dynamics, decision-making, and individual biases can influence the outcome of a group process.

One of the key themes of the film is the influence of group dynamics on decision-making. As the jurors begin their deliberation, they are initially divided, with 11 of them convinced of the defendant's guilt and one, Juror 8, holding out for reasonable doubt. Despite being in the minority, Juror 8 is able to persuade the other jurors to reconsider their positions through his use of logical argument and his willingness to challenge the assumptions of the group. This demonstrates the power of minority influence, as a small group can have a significant impact on the decisions of a larger group if they are able to present a well-reasoned and persuasive argument.

Another key theme of the film is the influence of individual biases on decision-making. Each of the jurors brings their own personal experiences and biases to the table, which shapes their initial perceptions of the case. For example, Juror 3 is prone to anger and aggression, which makes him more likely to believe in the defendant's guilt. Similarly, Juror 8 has a background in law and is more inclined to consider the legal principles of the case. As the deliberation progresses, the jurors are forced to confront and examine their own biases, which helps them to arrive at a more objective decision.

Overall, 12 Angry Men is a powerful depiction of social psychology in action. It illustrates the ways in which group dynamics and individual biases can influence the decision-making process, and how these factors can ultimately shape the outcome of a group's decision. The film serves as a reminder of the importance of open-mindedness and critical thinking in group situations, and the need to carefully consider all perspectives before arriving at a conclusion.

Exemplification of Social Psychology Theories in the Film 12 Angry Men

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There was one gentleman, juror number 8 that took a critical thinking approach to the case. Twelve Angry Men: Comparing The Book And Film 726 Words 3 Pages Many people, if asked what they would prefer, would prefer to read the book instead of watching the movie. We soon learn that several of the men voted guilty since the boy had a rough background not because of the facts they were presented with. . The different emotions shown by the jurors hinderstheir perspective and judgements on the case as well as towards the testimonies from the witnesses taken during the trial.


12 angry men social psychology Essay Example

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If wrong, then it could almost permanently lead to similar decisions in the future. In the half century that has passed since TAM's premiere, many things about jury service have changed. This film features a group of jurors who have to decide if an accused murderer is guilty or innocent. The strength of juror similarities to the defendant is seen as one man completely changes his vote once he realizes how much he has in common with the defendant. Bases on criminal justice usually the first vote is taken by secret ballot.


12 Angry Men Psychology Analysis

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Juror 8 portrayed himself as a charismatic and high self-confident architect. And here we see the first importance of 8: because of his reasonable doubt the jury hadn't found the boy guilty at the first 10 minutes of their debating, which would have ended the trial. The final juror, number 3, is the last to change his vote after considering assaulting Juror 8 with the murder weapon! Eleven out twelve jurors find the boy guilty as charged; however Juror 8 refuses to convict this young boy because he believes there is reasonable drought. The case involves a young boy who has been accused of murdering his father. Heuristic 1: The first heuristic I found was when the father and the son were arguing before the murder, which showed that the kid had motive.


12 Angry Men Psychology

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Jury deliberations -- how do reasoning skills interplay with decision-making? The "unusual-looking knife" submitted as evidence in the Exploration of Intra-Psychic Processes Thompson and Nadler 2000 put forth a In conflict, bias is apt to occur because conflict often leads to inadequate communication between the negotiating parties; arousal of emotional tensions that constrict thinking to According to Thompson and Nadler 2000 , there are four particularly common kinds of bias, and each holds the potential for certain related effects. Overall, 12 Angry Men is a great portrayal of aspects of social psychology and could be studied much more with many other social processes. When the other jurors bring up evidence that oppose his beliefs he discards it and sticks to his opinion even though it overrules it. Shortly after this, he changes his vote to not guilty, since he sees his own struggles in the boy at this point. A teenage boy stands accused of killing his father and the jury must decide his guilt or innocence.


12 Angry Men & Social Psychology

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However, there were a few people who looked around first, then they too put their hand up to vote guilty. Peer is a force that can bring out the best and worst of humanity. While this dissenting juror maintained independence and ultimately influenced the majority, this is not typically the… 12 Angry Men a Review of Dysfunctional Teams The classic movie, 12 Angry Men, was first filmed in 1957 starring Henry Fonda, Lee J. Juror 2 stated, "Well, anyway, I think he was guilty" 6. Inside of the locked room, they argued for hours on end to come to a conclusion. All the other jurors went around and stated why they thought the kid was guilty.


12 Angry Men PSY

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His attitude reflects his dissatisfaction with jury duty interfering with his plans, but he projects his negativity onto the boy on trial. In the movie you can recognize several concepts covered by Kinicki and Kreitner in their book Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior second edition. Many times these incidents can be explained using social psychology theories. At first, when the jurors each go around the table and say why they think the boy is guilty, most of them bring up the eyewitnesses testimonies. In 1990, this act was updated and reformed as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which itself was reformed in 1997.


Social Psychology Applied to the Law 12 Angry Men (the movie Flashcards

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Prejudice takes centre stage in the film with jurors 3 and 10 being the most prejudiced. There were biases in attribution. The power of normative and informational social influences is shown through theories developed by Solomon Asch and Muzafer Sherif. Standing Up To The Majority In 12 Angry Men 1191 Words 5 Pages The play 12 Angry Men is about a jury of twelve men that are given the task of deciding the fate, guilty or not guilty, of a young boy accused of murdering his father. Persuasion: There were many instances of persuasion throughout the movie, but especially in the beginning. In contrast, Juror 2 is new to the juror and hence very happy and excited about the case. One of the better-known theories on Cognitive Development is, however, that which was developed by Piaget, known as the 'Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory'.


Social Psychology In The Film 12 Angry Men

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The reader finally sees that his anger at the defendant is probably related to his own damaged relationship with his son. Some also say that they prefer to leave the descriptions of things in the book up to their imagination. Recently I was required to view this film and had at first great reservations about its value as an educational tool, but soon after the opening credits rolled by and the deliberations began to take place I was caught up in the story. Juror 1 Foreman is probably the least antagonistic of the group, but he does enjoy the idea of being in a position of authority. While he does not specifically antagonize the others, his votes are initially based on impatience rather than thought. The life of this young man is on the line and the jurors determine whether he will live or die.


Social Psychology in the Film 12 Angry Men

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The young man also has a history of getting into trouble. It is up to Juror 8 Henry Fonda, to convince the other members of the jury to go back through and revisit the evidence. They associate all lower class people with crime, disobedience, and violence. Despite-or perhaps because of-this personal experience, TAM has become something of an archetype for jury service in America. New York, NY: W.



What is the social psychology of 12 Angry Men? ›

Theories of group process including: groupthink, group polarization, social loafing, social compensation and social facilitation are exemplified in the movie “Twelve Angry Men.” The impact of group process is potentially damaging and in the context of a jury must be mitigated to ensure fairness and adherence to values.

What does the 12 Angry Men teach us? ›

Twelve Angry Men raises timeless questions about the different kinds of biases, the confusing concept of truth, and the value of reason and logic within the American legal system.

What is the personality of Juror 12 in 12 Angry Men? ›

Juror #12: A slick, bright advertising man who things of human beings in terms of percentages, graphs and polls, Juror #12 has no real understanding of people. He is a superficial snob, but trying to be a good fellow.

What are the 3 major themes found in the play 12 Angry Men? ›

Twelve Angry Men Themes
  • Reflection of American Society. The process of a trial by a jury of one's peers is often considered to be both a reflection and core practice of American democratic society. ...
  • Justice. ...
  • Certainty and Doubt. ...
  • Stubbornness and Taking a Stand. ...
  • Prejudice vs.

What type of conflict is 12 Angry Men? ›

There are three types of conflict are shown within the film Twelve Angry Men. Pseudo, simple, and ego are the three types of interpersonal conflict displayed by the twelve jurors. In the small group of twelve jurors, each member of the jury is involved in at least one of the three types of conflict.

What is the conclusion of 12 Angry Men? ›

After convincing the jury to give a Not Guilty verdict, Juror #8 walks over to #3, his nemesis, and puts his coat on for him. The gesture shows us that despite the extent to which they've argued in the jury room, there will be no hard feelings once they head back into the world.

What does the knife symbolize in 12 Angry Men? ›

When Eight sticks a matching knife in the wall, the murder weapon represents the certainty of the jurors that is quickly draining away. Initially, eleven out of twelve jurors felt convinced of the accused's guilt.

What is the symbolism in 12 Angry Men? ›

12 Angry Men is about the complexity of human behavior—how flawed we are, how our impatience, our biases and our own actions can have disastrous effects if we leave them unchecked.

Was the kid in 12 Angry Men guilty? ›

In the end, the teen is found not guilty, and the jurors go their separate ways; the thunderstorm that has been building throughout the film passes, the clouds break, the music swells, and we turn off the film content that justice was done.

Why did Juror 11 vote guilty? ›

When Juror 7 changes his vote to not guilty, Juror 11 becomes angry because he thinks that Juror 7 changed his vote because he wanted to go home. With his words and actions, Juror 11 shows that he greatly values American democracy and cherishes his civil duty.

Why did Juror 3 vote not guilty? ›

Juror 3 had apparently been harboring some negative feelings about his son's generation. Juror 3 changed his vote after realizing that all of his anger toward the defendant was a direct result of his bad relationship with his son.

What is juror number 3 personality? ›

In the story, Juror 3 is the antagonist, constantly bullying others to get them to change their votes to ''guilty. '' He is loud, boisterous, and quick to anger. Despite his efforts to stick to the facts, he takes the trial personally because of his strained relationship with his son.

What is minority influence in 12 Angry Men? ›


There was extreme pressure to conform, an illusion of unanimity (at least in the beginning), many of the jurors engaged in self-censorship (they didn't initially voice their opinions) and strong personalities that were trying to push the group in a certain direction.

How does 12 Angry Men show conformity? ›

Throughout this film there are many examples of conformity among jurors. The juror members were convinced of the young man's guilt, not based on hard examined evidence, but yet due to "no one proving otherwise." Conformity is when an individual changes their behavior due to the influence of others.


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