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6 Coordinating pillowcase : SHAM

A sham is something that is imitation, fake. In the world of bed linens, a sham is also an imitation or fake, in the sense that it is a decorative cover designed to cover up a regular pillow used for sleeping.

15 Basketball commentator Rebecca : LOBO

Rebecca Lobo is a former WNBA basketball player who launched a second career as a sports reporter and analyst for ESPN. Lobo played with the New York Liberty, Houston Comets and Connecticut Sun.

16 Long-haired lap dog, familiarly : PEKE

The pekingese (“peke”) breed originated in China, as one might suspect from the name. Breeding practices have resulted in the dog having many health problems, including breathing issues related to the “desirable” flat face. Standards have been changed in recent years, demanding an “evident muzzle” in an attempt to breed healthier “pekes”.

18 Major composition : OPUS

The Latin for “work” is “opus”, with the plural being “opera”. We sometimes use the plural “opuses” in English, but people do that just to annoy me …

28 Chicken __ king : A LA

A dish prepared “à la king” (usually chicken or turkey), is prepared in a cream sauce with mushrooms, pimentos, green peppers and sherry.

31 Electric key : FOB

A fob is attached to an object to make it easier to access. And so, a key fob is a chain attached to a key so that it can be retrieved easily. There are also watch fobs, and the pocket in a vest in which a watch can be placed is called a fob. In fact, the original use of the term “fob” was for a small pocket in which one could carry valuables.

33 New York City district that’s home to the Fearless Girl statue : WALL STREET

“Fearless Girl” is a wonderful bronze statue by Delaware sculptor Kristen Visbal that was placed across from the New York Stock Exchange building in 2017. It depicts a young girl in a power pose, and is designed to promote female empowerment.

36 Soup du __ : JOUR

The French phrase “du jour” translates as “of the day”.

37 Sign of spring : ARIES

Aries the Ram is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, and is named after the constellation. Your birth sign is Aries if you were born between March 21 and April 20, but if you are an Aries you would know that! “Aries” is the Latin word for “ram”.

38 Lead-in to Z or Alpha : GEN-

Definitions vary, but it seems that the term “Generation Z” is reserved for the children of “Generation X”, and for the generation that follows the “Millennials” (Generation Y). Gen-Zers are also known as “Zoomers”, a portmanteau of “Z” and “boomer” (as in “baby boomer”).

“Generation Alpha” is a term used to describe those born in the years between the mid-2010s and mid-2020s.

39 Koalas and emus, in Australia : FAUNA

The fauna is the animal life of a particular region, and the flora is that region’s plant life. The term “fauna” comes from the Roman goddess of earth and fertility who was called Fauna. Flora was the Roman goddess of plants, flowers and fertility.

40 Novelist Atkinson : KATE

Kate Atkinson is an author from England who is perhaps best known for her crime novels that feature private investigator Jackson Brodie.

46 Cap letters at Busch Stadium : STL

The St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball team plays at Busch Stadium. Busch Stadium is the third stadium in the history of St. Louis to have the Busch name. The first two were named for Gussie Busch, the brewing magnate and former Cardinals team owner. The current stadium is named for the brewery though, and not Gussie per se.

47 Get ready to drive? : TEE UP

That would be golf.

49 Mike and __: fruit-flavored candy : IKE

“Mike and Ike” is a brand of fruit-flavored candy made by Just Born starting in 1940. Just Born launched quite a unique marketing campaign in 2012 asserting that Mike and Ike had “split up due to creative differences”. The campaign involved production of two different boxes for the candy showing one or the other name scratched out. Clever …

51 Amino acid, vis-à-vis protein : BUILDING BLOCK

Proteins are synthesized in the body from amino acids, which are linked together in specific sequences that are determined by the genetic code. The language of the code is a sequence of nucleotides. The nucleotides are arranged in groups of three called “codons”, with each codon determining a specific amino acid.

56 Aquarium growth : ALGA

Algae are similar to terrestrial plants in that they use photosynthesis to create sugars from light and carbon dioxide, but they differ in that they have simpler anatomies, and for example lack roots.

58 “Ta-da!” : VOILA!

The French word “voilà” means “there it is”, and “voici” means “here it is”. The terms come from “voi là” meaning “see there” and “voi ici” meaning “see here”.

61 Thai currency : BAHT

The baht is the currency of Thailand. One baht is subdivided into 100 satang.

63 “Black-ish” star Tracee __ Ross : ELLIS

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is perhaps best known for playing lead roles in the TV shows “Girlfriends” and “black-ish”. She was born Tracee Joy Silberstein, and is the daughter of singer Diana Ross and music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein.

66 Pomelo peels : RINDS

A pomelo is a very large, pear-shaped citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia.


1 Pan Am rival : TWA

Trans World Airlines (TWA) was a big carrier in the US, but was perhaps even more recognized for its extensive presence in Europe and the Middle East. For many years, especially after the collapse of Pan Am and TWA’s purchase by Howard Hughes, TWA was considered the unofficial flag carrier for the US. The company started in 1930, the product of a forced merger of Transcontinental Air Transport and Western Air Express. The Transcontinental and Western Air that resulted (the original meaning of the initialism “TWA”) was what the Postmaster General wanted, a bigger airline to which the Postal Service could award airmail contracts.

3 Literary captain described as a “grand, ungodly, god-like man” : AHAB

Captain Ahab is the obsessed and far from friendly captain of the Pequod in Herman Melville’s “Moby-Dick”. The role of Captain Ahab was played by Gregory Peck in the 1956 John Huston film adaptation. Patrick Stewart played Ahab in a 1998 miniseries in which Peck made another appearance, as Father Mapple.

6 React to a yellow light, say : SLOW

The first traffic lights date back to 1868 when they were installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London. They resembled the signals already in use for trains, with semaphore arms and red and green gas lamps for nighttime use. That first system was operated manually, by a policeman at the base. Sadly, one police officer was killed just one year after the light’s installation, when the gas system exploded.

7 Indigenous language in Arizona : HOPI

Many members of the Hopi nation live on a reservation that is actually located within the much larger Navajo reservation in Arizona.

9 Slam-dancer’s place : MOSH PIT

Moshing (also “slam dancing”) is the pushing and shoving that takes place in the audience at a concert (usually a punk or heavy metal concert). The area directly in front of the stage is known as the mosh pit. When a performer does a “stage dive”, it is into (or I suppose “onto”) the mosh pit. It doesn’t sound like fun to me. Injuries are commonplace in the mosh pit, and deaths are not unknown.

11 Bite-sized treats whose name means “small ovens” in French : PETIT FOURS

A petit four is a small confection served at the end of a meal, either as a dessert or with coffee. The name “petit four” is French for “small oven”.

13 Spot for un chapeau : TETE

In French, one wears a “chapeau” (hat), a “béret” (beret) perhaps, on one’s “tête” (head).

21 Home brewer’s ingredient : MALT

Malt is germinated cereal grains that have been dried. The cereal is germinated by soaking it in water, and then germination is halted by drying the grains with hot air.

22 Domino indent : PIP

White masks with black spots were commonly seen in the old Venetian Carnival. The masks were known as “domini”. The domini loaned their name to the game of dominoes, due to the similarity in appearance between the mask and a domino tile.

26 Some hairy pets : TARANTULAS

Tarantulas are spider-like arachnids that are usually quite hairy. The original tarantula was a type of wolf spider found in Europe, found near the southern Italian town called Taranto, hence the name.

27 Sweet Sixteen winners : ELITE EIGHT

In the NCAA Division I Basketball Championship, the teams remaining at various stages of the tournament are known as:

  • The “Sweet Sixteen” (the regional semi-finalists)
  • The “Elite Eight” (the regional finalists)
  • The “Final Four” (the national semi-finalists)

29 Alphabetically first noble gas : ARGON

The chemical element argon has the symbol Ar. It is a noble gas, and so by definition is relatively nonreactive. The name “argon” comes from the Greek word for “lazy, inactive”. There’s a lot of argon around, as it is the third-most abundant gas in our atmosphere.

30 Mobile payment app : VENMO

Venmo is a smartphone payment app that is now owned by PayPal. The first version of the product was introduced in 2009 by two entrepreneurs who had met as freshman students at the University of Pennsylvania. They sold the company in 2012 for over $26 million, and then PayPal acquired it the following year for a whopping $800 million. I wonder if PayPal ever buys blogs …

34 Director Spike : LEE

Film director Spike Lee was born in Atlanta, Georgia but has very much made New York City his home and place of work. Most of Lee’s films are set in New York City, including his first feature film, 1986’s “She’s Gotta Have It”. That film was shot over two weeks with a budget of $175,000. “She’s Gotta Have It” grossed over $7 million at the US box office.

35 Fair-hiring initials : EEO

“Equal Employment Opportunity” (EEO) is a term that has been around since 1964 when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was set up by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII of the Act prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin or religion.

41 Soccer star and equal-pay advocate Megan : RAPINOE

Megan Rapinoe is a professional soccer player and a star on the US national team. One of Rapinoe’s many claims to fame is that she is the only player, male or female, to score a goal directly from a corner kick in an Olympic Games.

50 Common lab culture : E COLI

Escherichia coli (E. coli) are usually harmless bacteria found in the human gut, working away quite happily. However, there are some strains that can produce lethal toxins. These strains can make their way into the food chain from animal fecal matter that comes into contact with food designated for human consumption.

51 Paul Bunyan’s blue ox : BABE

Paul Bunyan is a character of American myth. He is a skilled lumberjack, and has a sidekick called Babe the Blue Ox. Both Bunyan and Babe are gigantic in size.

54 Nonkosher sammies : BLTS

“Sammie” is an informal term meaning “sandwich”.

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Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Country music sound : TWANG
6 Coordinating pillowcase : SHAM
10 Roasting rod : SPIT
14 “Yippee!” : WAHOO!
15 Basketball commentator Rebecca : LOBO
16 Long-haired lap dog, familiarly : PEKE
17 Change with the times : ADAPT
18 Major composition : OPUS
19 Working hard : AT IT
20 Smile broadly because of one’s own achievement, say : BEAM WITH PRIDE
23 Place for a scrub : SPA
24 Devoutness : PIETY
25 Grabbed a bite : ATE
28 Chicken __ king : A LA
30 Red carpet walker : VIP
31 Electric key : FOB
33 New York City district that’s home to the Fearless Girl statue : WALL STREET
36 Soup du __ : JOUR
37 Sign of spring : ARIES
38 Lead-in to Z or Alpha : GEN-
39 Koalas and emus, in Australia : FAUNA
40 Novelist Atkinson : KATE
41 Desirable feature of kids’ clothing : ROOM TO GROW
43 WSW opposite : ENE
44 Prohibit : BAN
45 Rowboat need : OAR
46 Cap letters at Busch Stadium : STL
47 Get ready to drive? : TEE UP
49 Mike and __: fruit-flavored candy : IKE
51 Amino acid, vis-à-vis protein : BUILDING BLOCK
56 Aquarium growth : ALGA
57 Void’s partner : NULL
58 “Ta-da!” : VOILA!
61 Thai currency : BAHT
62 Leave out : OMIT
63 “Black-ish” star Tracee __ Ross : ELLIS
64 East, in Spanish : ESTE
65 Recedes : EBBS
66 Pomelo peels : RINDS


1 Pan Am rival : TWA
2 Roll of dough : WAD
3 Literary captain described as a “grand, ungodly, god-like man” : AHAB
4 Casual rejections : NOPES
5 Skated by, say : GOT A PASS
6 React to a yellow light, say : SLOW
7 Indigenous language in Arizona : HOPI
8 Touch borders with : ABUT
9 Slam-dancer’s place : MOSH PIT
10 Emergency tire : SPARE
11 Bite-sized treats whose name means “small ovens” in French : PETIT FOURS
12 “Honest!” : I KID YOU NOT!
13 Spot for un chapeau : TETE
21 Home brewer’s ingredient : MALT
22 Domino indent : PIP
25 Up and about : AWAKE
26 Some hairy pets : TARANTULAS
27 Sweet Sixteen winners : ELITE EIGHT
29 Alphabetically first noble gas : ARGON
30 Mobile payment app : VENMO
32 Fighting chance? : BRAWL
34 Director Spike : LEE
35 Fair-hiring initials : EEO
36 Spree : JAG
39 Pay, reluctantly : FORK OVER
41 Soccer star and equal-pay advocate Megan : RAPINOE
42 Donkey’s need, in a party game : TAIL
44 Future flower : BUD
48 Overjoy : ELATE
50 Common lab culture : E COLI
51 Paul Bunyan’s blue ox : BABE
52 Feeling nothing : NUMB
53 Smooth-talking : GLIB
54 Nonkosher sammies : BLTS
55 Potter’s oven : KILN
59 Jar topper : LID
60 Donkey : ASS

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What is the crossword puzzle clue for spring celebration with colored powder? ›

2 Spring celebration with colored powder : HOLI.

What spring celebration has colored powder? ›

Holi: Festival of Colors

Bright neon powder covers revelers in northern India during the annual Hindu celebration called Holi, usually held in March. Known as the festival of colors, Holi is celebrated on the last full moon in the lunar month of Phalguna.

What is the sentimental sign off LA Times crossword? ›

The crossword clue Sentimental sign-off with 4 letters was last seen on the November 03, 2022. We think the likely answer to this clue is XOXO.

What are clues in a crossword puzzle? ›

Clue: A crossword clue is a hint that the solver must decipher to find the answer that is then entered into the puzzle grid. Clues are not necessarily dictionary definitions; they can involve puns, anagrams and other types of wordplay. Crossing: The intersection between an Across entry and a Down one.

What is this kind of natural hot spring called? ›

A hot spring, hydrothermal spring, or geothermal spring is a spring produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater onto the surface of the Earth.

What is the secret to doing crossword puzzles? ›

Tackle the easiest clues first.

Scan through the clues, and knock out all the easiest ones. Not only will this give your gameplay some structure, but also it'll give you an ego boost! Typically, fill-in-the-blank clues are the easiest. For example: “___ of Oz.”

What are traditional spring colors? ›

A Spring seasonal color palette is full of warm and bright shades like poppy red, daffodil yellow, and tangerine orange. Some of the neutral Spring colors are ivory, cream, camel, and clearer browns. Spring clothing colors are happy, joyful colors!

What is the Favourite color during Spring Festival Why? ›

For one thing, red is the most beloved and preferred color for spring festival in traditional Chinese culture. Emperor Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) even had a red costume for special festivals. In ancient China, it was believed that women looked best in red.

What festival marks the beginning of spring? ›

Nowruz (pronounced NO-rooz) means “New Day” and marks the beginning of spring. Also known as the Persian New Year, it's celebrated by millions of people in Iran (formerly called Persia) and other countries, especially throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. The holiday falls on March 21 in 2023.

What does the green symbol mean on Rotten Tomatoes crossword? ›

When at least 60% of reviews for a movie or TV show are positive, a red tomato is displayed to indicate its Fresh status. When less than 60% of reviews for a movie or TV show are positive, a green splat is displayed to indicate its Rotten status.

How do you do the acrostic crossword puzzle? ›

An acrostic puzzle, sometimes called a double crostic, consists of two parts — a grid and clues. Each letter in the puzzle appears in two places: once in the grid and once in one of the clue answers. Work back and forth between the grid and clues to complete the puzzle.

What are the circled letters in a crossword puzzle? ›

The letters that will appear in the circles when the Answers are written in spell out words related to the puzzle's theme. the letters in squares that contain circles spell out words related to the theme either when read consecutively or when rearranged to form theme-related words.

What is the most used word in crossword puzzles? ›

“ERA” is the most common word in crossword puzzles, as well as “ARE,” “AREA,” and “ORE,” according to Gaffney.

Are crossword puzzles good for your brain? ›

Memory and thinking skills may improve with regular crossword practice. A study published in NEJM Evidence found that people with mild memory problems who did web-based crossword puzzles showed improvement in cognition and experienced less brain shrinkage, compared to those who played web-based cognitive games.

What is the most famous crossword puzzle? ›

The Times Crossword is the world's most famous crossword.

What are the three largest hot springs in the world? ›

The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is the largest hot spring in the United States, and the third largest in the world, after Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand and Boiling Lake in Dominica.

What is the deepest hot spring in the world? ›

Pagosa Springs, Colorado is home to the Guinness World Record's certified, world's deepest geothermal hot spring aquifer. At a depth of over 1002', the mother spring is a natural wonder and a fabulous natural resource for the town of Pagosa Springs.

Why do hot springs smell? ›

Sulfur compounds are naturally occurring in hot springs and the source of the characteristic eggy odor. It's interesting to note that the deeper the hot springs and the faster it sends water to the surface, the stronger the smell.

Is it OK to do crossword puzzles before bed? ›

They make it easier to unwind

Although it is tempting to unwind by watching the television or by reading on a tablet, the body should avoid screen time before bed. Puzzles provide a much better opportunity to relax, making it easier to fall asleep and properly switch off.

Can you be addicted to crossword puzzles? ›

Maybe it just so happens that people who are mentally fit have a tendency to want to do crosswords in the first place," explains Olsher. The possible long-term mental benefits of puzzling aside, Olsher says that crosswords have an addictive, immersive quality that keeps people coming back for more.

What is the most popular color for spring? ›

Spring 2022 Color Trends

Yellow, pink, and green dominated many of the collections. Often used as a striking solid, these bold colors sometimes accented a neutral but often were used alone for a bright blast of fun color.

What color is most associated with spring? ›

Green must be THE color of spring. Spring is the time when everything comes back to life after a long winter slumber. Nature rejuvenates, the snow melts and everwhere fresh green pops up. Naturally, we thus associate green with the vernal season.

What color is best for true spring? ›

True Spring's best colours are usually warm greens, yellows, orangey reds, very peachy pinks and every shade of light brown from tan to palest beige.

What does Spring Festival eat? ›

Chinese New Year: Favorite Foods for the Spring Festival
  • Fish. ...
  • Chicken. ...
  • Shaobai (Steamed Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Leaves) ...
  • Fenzhengrou (Steamed Pork Belly with Rice Flour) ...
  • Jiasharou (Steamed Pork Slices with Red Bean Paste) ...
  • Steamed Meatball with Glutinous Rice. ...
  • Chinese Sausages and Preserved Meat.

What are Spring Festival taboos? ›

So, what are the widely-known taboos during the Spring Festival? Starting on the Spring Festival Eve, words considered ominous would be avoided as much as possible. For instance, “die,” “empty,” “poor,” “sick,” and “gone” are all on the list. People believe that these words will bring bad luck to the coming year.

What should you not do during Spring Festival? ›

Avoid breaking a bowl, plate, glass, etc.

Breaking symbolizes incompleteness and bad luck. Breaking a bowl, plate, glass, vase, or mirror during the Spring Festival is considered a bringer of bad fortune, monetary loss, or family breakup.

Why is it called the first day of spring? ›

During early spring, the axis of the Earth is increasing its tilt relative to the Sun, and the length of daylight rapidly increases for the relevant hemisphere. The hemisphere begins to warm significantly, causing new plant growth to "spring forth," giving the season its name.

Which festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring? ›

Revellers in India filled the streets to mark Holi, the festival of colours, which marks the end of winter and start of spring. Hindus douse each other with coloured powders and waters during the two-day celebration which dates back to the 4th century.

What is the name of a Spring Festival? ›

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is China's most important festival. It is also the most important celebration for families and includes a week of official public holiday.

How do you complete an acrostic? ›

To create an acrostic, follow these five easy steps:
  1. Decide what to write about.
  2. Write your word down vertically.
  3. Brainstorm words or phrases that describe your idea.
  4. Place your brainstormed words or phrases on the lines that begin with the same letters.
  5. Fill in the rest of the lines to create a poem.

What is the puzzle where numbers represent letters? ›

A cryptarithm is a mathematical puzzle where the digits in a sum have been replaced by letters.

What do the abbreviations mean in crossword puzzle? ›

Sometimes the clue will feature the abbreviation for the word “abbreviation.” This means the answer will be an abbreviation as well. It will appear as “Abbr.” in the clue. In other clues, the clue will end with “for short” or “in brief.” This means the answer is a shortened version of the original word.

Can you write a word backwards in a crossword puzzle? ›

In the reversal clue type, a word/phrase is spelt out in reverse to give the solution. The letters to be reversed may be indicated by the wordplay, or may be hidden in the letters of the wordplay. 'crazy' gives MAD, 'get-up' indicates that MAD should be spelt backwards.

How do you know if a crossword has a rebus? ›

“A 'rebus' in a crossword is anything that gets entered in a square that's not a single letter of the alphabet.

Which crossword puzzle is easiest? ›

The crosswords are designed to increase in difficulty throughout the week, with the easiest puzzle on Monday and the most difficult on Saturday.

What was the first crossword word? ›

Cryptic crosswords

The first crossword answers were just definitions and similes; the first cryptic crossword was published on 30th July 1925 by The Daily Telegraph.

Can a crossword answer be two words? ›

However, many times the blank space can be filled in with two or more words. In easier crosswords, multiple words will be indicated with (2 words) or (2 wds.), but more often than not it will be up to the solver to determine how many words fill in the space. Another hint sometimes used in clues is (hyphenated).

Do puzzles prevent dementia? ›

Researchers determined that, out of the participants who eventually developed dementia, those who frequently did crossword puzzles demonstrated a much slower decline in memory. On average, crossword puzzles provided about a two and a half year delay in memory decline compared to those who did not do crossword puzzles.

Are crossword puzzles good for seniors? ›

Recent studies have identified a number of health benefits daily crossword puzzles can have on an individual, especially the elderly. Many studies find the same results: solving crosswords puzzles later in life is associated with delayed onset of memory decline in those who develop dementia.

Can crossword puzzles help with dementia? ›

Now, a study published in NEJM Evidence has found that regularly attempting a crossword may help slow decline in some people with mild cognitive impairment, an early stage of faltering memory that can sometimes progress to dementia.

What is the hardest crossword day? ›

The Saturday crossword is actually the hardest puzzle of the week. Mondays have the most straightforward clues and Saturday clues are the hardest, or involve the most wordplay. Contrary to popular belief, the Sunday puzzles are midweek difficulty, not the hardest. They're just bigger.

What do you call someone who makes crossword puzzles? ›

noun. cru·​ci·​ver·​bal·​ist. ˌkrüsəˈvərbələ̇st. : a person skillful in creating or solving crossword puzzles.

What newspaper has the hardest crossword puzzle? ›

Many puzzle fans love the deviously difficult New York Times Friday and Saturday crosswords: They're the hardest puzzles around, and once you've conquered them, you're a true Puzzlemaster!

What is the festival catching on as a colored powder throwing party? ›

In India, many people celebrate by throwing a public bonfire, exchanging foods, and throwing colored powder all over each other. Known as Holi, the festival is celebrated all throughout India and is the first major Hindu festival of the year.

Why do Indians throw colored powder on each other? ›

Holi symbolizes the celebration of spring, friendship, family, and the victory of good over evil. Communities gather in the streets to throw bright-colored powder and splash each other with colored water. Red, green and yellow colors dust the air, each carrying its own meaning.

Why do Indians throw colored powder? ›

Holi is primarily celebrated in India and has spread across the world along with the diaspora. Plumes of colored powder are thrown into the air to celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of spring. The celebration itself is characterized by colored powder, called gulaal, sometimes mixed with water.

Why do Indians throw coloured powder at each other? ›

The tradition of throwing colored powder and water is believed to originate from the mythological love story of Radha and Krishna. Krishna, the Hindu god depicted with dark blue skin, is believed to have complained to his mother about Radha's fair complexion.

How do you do a cryptic crossword puzzle? ›

8 powerful ways to solve cryptic crossword puzzles
  1. Look for “anagram” clues. ...
  2. Consider whether a word needs to be reversed. ...
  3. Find the hidden answer indicator. ...
  4. Double definition. ...
  5. Soudalike. ...
  6. Don't take clues literally. ...
  7. Use previous crosswords to improve. ...
  8. Acrostic clues.

How do you put a crossword puzzle together? ›

  1. Come up with the theme if you want one. ...
  2. Pick a puzzle size. ...
  3. Come up with the answers to your themed clues. ...
  4. If you're making a themed puzzle, start by filling in the themed answers, one letter per square. ...
  5. Fill in the black boxes.
Nov 22, 2004

Can you put spaces in crossword puzzles? ›

In the United States, it's typical for multiple-word answers in crossword puzzles to be present without spaces or any other separators. For example, GIANTCOW. However, in some other countries, it's common for there to be a space in the crossword grid to represent the space between the two words.

Where can I find answers to crossword puzzles? ›

Tips for Solving Hard Puzzles and Cryptic Crosswords
  • Look for anagrams, where you simply need to rearrange letters to find the answer. ...
  • Many editors like homophones, which are words that sound like other words but are spelled differently. ...
  • Reversals involve reversing the letters of the clue to get the answer.

Is using a crossword solver cheating? ›

Similarly, some people solve crosswords to learn more about a subject or to improve their English. In these cases, looking up answers helps them to achieve their goal, meaning it's not cheating.

How do you solve a word search puzzle easily? ›

Strategies. A common strategy for finding all the words is to go through the puzzle left to right (or right to left) and look for the first letter of the word (if a word list is provided). After finding the letter, one should look at the eight surrounding letters to see whether the next letter of the word is there.


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